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Firefly: Blue Sun Rising 2 - Greg Pak (Hardcover)

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising 2 - Greg Pak (Hardcover)

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The first-ever comic book event in the world of Joss Whedon's Firefly reaches its thrilling conclusion!

Shocking losses lead to stunning decisions as Mal and the crew of Serenity must face the consequences of their choices in war against the Blue Sun Corporation.


The stage is set for the final battle as the first ever Firefly event concludes, with Sheriff Mal Reynolds - yeah, he's still getting used to it too - making a choice that may cost him those he loves most, whether he knows it or not...

The 'Verse is changing in ways no one ever expected - and a new chapter of Firefly begins here.

New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak (Darth Vader), along with acclaimed artists Dan McDaid, Lalit Kumar Sharma & Daniel Bayliss, launch Mal & the crew of Serenity into their biggest war yet, officially continuing Joss Whedon's acclaimed series.

Collects Firefly #23-24, Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1.

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