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Frenemy Fix-Up - Yahrah St. John

Frenemy Fix-Up - Yahrah St. John

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Accountant Colin Anderson is a workaholic. Shay Davis is finally living her dream of owning a yoga studio. They may have gone to school together – but that’s where their similarities end. He’s Mr Corporate, hustling late into the night, while she flows through sun salutations and half-moon poses.

So when a health scare pushes Colin to make a few life changes, he knows where to turn. If he’s going to alter his work-life balance, he’ll need the right woman – and to do that, he must prioritise his health. Who better than Shay to help whip him into shape so he can win back his high school girlfriend?

The catch is, she only has ninety days to do it. And they can barely stand each other. But as their sessions start to heat up the studio, Colin and Shay move further and further away from what they thought they wanted…

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