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Hollow Heart - Marie Rutkoski

Hollow Heart - Marie Rutkoski

Hodder & Stoughton

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Nirrim's heart is lost, traded to the god of thieves in order to restore her people's memories of their city's history. Meanwhile, Sid, the person she once loved most, has returned to Herran to take up her duty to the crown.

But frightening rumours are growing in the Herrani court: of a new threat rising across the sea, of magic unleashed upon the world, and of a cruel, black-haired queen who can push false memories into your mind, so that you believe your dearest friends to be your enemies. Sid doesn't know that this queen is Nirrim, seeking revenge against a world that has wronged her. Can Sid save Nirrim from herself? And does Nirrim even want to be saved?As blood is shed and war begins, Sid and Nirrim find that it might not matter what they want .

. . for the gods have their own plans.

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