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How to Age Disgracefully - Clare Pooley

How to Age Disgracefully - Clare Pooley


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Daphne knows that age is just a number.

She also knows that society no longer pays her any attention - something she's happy to exploit to help her hide a somewhat chequered past.

But finding herself alone on her 70th birthday, with only her plants to talk to and neighbours to stalk online, she decides she needs some friends. Joining a Senior Citizen's Social Club she's horrified at the expectation she'll spend her time enduring gentle crafting activities. Thankfully, the other members - including a failed actor addicted to shoplifting and a prolific yarn-bomber - agree.

After a tragic accident, the local council threaten to close the club - but they have underestimated the wrong group of pensioners...and with the help of a teenage dad and a geriatric, orphaned dog, the incongruous gang set out to prove it.

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