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Humans!!! 2 Sea Food

Humans!!! 2 Sea Food

Twilight Creations

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Can zombies swim? Let's face it, when you were alive this question never crossed your mind. And now that you are dead, well, the question still hasn't occured to you. Although, you may be able to answer it if you could think about something other than how hungry you are...

Humans!!!2 Sea Food lets you become a member of an elite zombie force: The Zombie Navy!

You never signed up for this!

This expansion for the Humans!!! board game adds:
16 new map tiles, 16 new event cards, additional rules, 10 new zombie navy figures with player card.

Voor dit spel heb je het basisspel Humans!!! nodig om het te kunnen spelen!

- 2 tot 6 spelers
- 60 minuten speelplezier
- Engelstalig

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