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Infatuated Fae 1: How Does It Feel? - Jeneane O'Riley

Infatuated Fae 1: How Does It Feel? - Jeneane O'Riley

Poisoned Pen Press

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A forbidden obsession

Unyielding family allegiance

Three deadly challenges

When a trip into the forest to collect a rare mushroom for her research goes horribly wrong, biologist Callie Peterson finds herself falling through a fairy portal and straight into the arms of the Unseelie Fae prince. The dangerously unhinged and viciously handsome Unseelie Fae prince. He thinks she's an assassin sent by the humans to kill him, not a scientist, and he imprisons her in his realm—where unwillingly, unwittingly, his obsession with her begins to grow.

Prince Mendax has never felt anything but loathing until his eyes met hers: this vile human assassin's. He believes she's here to kill him, and yet her beauty is a parasite that has mercilessly latched onto his mind and won't let go. He itches to feel her smooth skin, even though the Unseelie royals would rather burn than touch a human.

It's a dangerous desire. If he does not destroy the girl soon, she may be the only thing capable of destroying him. Mendax needs to be rid of her—but he also needs to entertain his people.

And so, he challenges Callie to three deadly trials. If she survives, she gains her freedom. If she doesn't? His wrath is only just beginning.

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