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Kaiju Preservation Society - John Scalzi

Kaiju Preservation Society - John Scalzi


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Jamie's dream was to hit the big time at a New York tech start-up.

Jamie's reality was a humiliating lay-off, then a low wage job as a takeaway delivery driver. During a pandemic too. Things look beyond grim, until a chance delivery to an old acquaintance.

Tom has an urgent vacancy on his team: the pay is great and Jamie has debts its a no-brainer choice. Yet, once again, reality fails to match expectations. Only this time it could be fatal. It seems Toms animal rights organization is way more than it appears.

The animals aren't even on Earth or not our Earth, anyway. In an alternate dimension, massive dinosaur-like creatures roam a tropical, human-free world. And although Kaiju are their universes largest and most dangerous animal, they need support to survive. Tom's Kaiju Preservation Society wants to help.

However, others want to profit. Unless they're stopped, the walls between our worlds could fall and the consequences would be devastating.

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