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Lost Legends: Diamond in the Rough - Jen Calonita (Hardcover)

Lost Legends: Diamond in the Rough - Jen Calonita (Hardcover)


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Before he defeated Jafar...Aladdin was just a poor boy in streets of Agrabah.

Twelve-year-old Aladdin has spent his entire life roaming the desert as a part of a tribe of nomads. He has nothing to his name except the stars in the sky, the clothes on his back, and a peculiar necklace left to him by his late mother. But that doesn't bother Aladdin--he doesn't want much. If he had three wishes, he would only ask for one thing: a home. A place to belong.

When Aladdin is separated from his tribe in Agrabah, he feels drawn to the city's bustling streets. This is a place of possibilities, one that Aladdin might even be able to call his own. Facing a whole new world with magic lurking around every corner, Aladdin soon joins a group of 'collectors' who teach him what it means to be a street rat.

Aladdin will need to put those skills and his good heart to the test when whispers of a mysterious 'diamond' catch up with him and threaten to destroy his new home

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