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Minx - Sophie Lark

Minx - Sophie Lark

Poisoned Pen Press

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Submission is a gift. The more powerful the person, the greater the gift."Ramses Howell is a self-made man. A billionaire obsessed with performance, he measures himself by his wins and his achievements.

He's proven he can get what he wants, and from the moment Blake Abbot, brilliant and alluring escort, catches his eye, she becomes his top priority. But he can tell something doesn't add up. He sees her skill at what she does, but he knows she's hiding something, and he intends to find out what.

Blake has gone to great extremes to guard her secrets. She's known who Ramses is for years, and knows exactly how dangerous he can be. But when Ramses offers her a game that he created just for her, she can't resist playing.

After all, he has what she wants, too. She sets boundaries, adds rules to the game…but soon finds herself breaking her own in the process. As fantasy invades reality, their new arrangement threatens to consume them.

Blake and Ramses both cross lines they swore they never would, questioning everything they thought they wanted—and everything their future could be, if they don't destroy each other first.

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