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Miss Ava's Scandalous Secret - Sofi Laporte

Miss Ava's Scandalous Secret - Sofi Laporte

Sofi Laporte

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Can love blossom out of this tangled web of deception?

The earl must marry.

Anyone will do, provided she is respectable and ugly. Tristan Sydney, Earl of Ravenscroft, is determined to get his own back on his tyrannous father, even if it means he'll end up shackled to a spinster, buckteeth, and all. For no woman will measure up to the goddess he is hopelessly, feverishly in love with: Violetta Winter, the celebrated opera star. Little does he know that his shy little fiancée is about to lead him on a merry ride...and a lesson in true love.

Miss Ava Sackville must remain invisible.

For if her secret comes to light, a colossal scandal will smirch her stuffy but respectable family name and drag down her newly titled twin brother with her. So, when a dashing rake proposes to her out of the blue, she doesn't think twice. Little does she know that she might be in for so much more than she bargained for. Dare she drop the masquerade to embrace true love?

This is a sweet, cheeky regency romp where spinsters are merry, rogues are charming, and nothing is as it seems.

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