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Murdle: More Killer Puzzles - G.T. Karber

Murdle: More Killer Puzzles - G.T. Karber

Souvenir Press

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Deductive Logico is back on the scene to investigate muders most foul in Murdle: More Killer Puzzles. These fiendishly compulsive mini-mystery puzzles challenge you to find whodunit, how, where and why. Join Logico to uncover the buried secrets of the Violet Isles, solve the riddles of an ancient and mysterious scholar, and explore the haunted lands of Drakonia.

Follow the clues, interview the witnesses and use the power of deduction to complete the grid and catch the culprit. Together, you'll unearth the dark truth beneath each murder and crack the code that can only be decrypted once you've solved them all!Packed with perplexing puzzles, codes and maps, this is the ultimate casebook for the secret sleuth in everyone. 

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