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Nightblood - T. Chris Martindale

Nightblood - T. Chris Martindale

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Paperbacks from Hell #7

As a soldier in the jungle of Vietnam, Chris Stiles learned how to fight against a deadly enemy. Now the war is over, but when his brother is slaughtered by a monster in Central Park, Chris finds himself called back into action, this time to fight a different kind of foe: an army of the undead!

His quest for the creature that killed his brother brings him to Isherwood, Indiana, home to 800 people—and one ancient vampire. As all hell breaks loose and the townspeople are turned one by one into bloodthirsty killers, will Chris’s tactical skills and his arsenal of automatic weapons be enough to stop the vampire menace? 

This first-ever reprint of T. Chris Martindale’s action-packed vampire romp Nightblood (1990) includes a new introduction by Grady Hendrix (Paperbacks from Hell) and the original cover painting by Greg Winters.

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