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Olympus Inc. 1: Persephone in Bloom - Kate Healey

Olympus Inc. 1: Persephone in Bloom - Kate Healey

Kate Healey

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A feel-good, body-positive, workplace romantic comedy in a world where Greek mythology meets The Devil Wears Prada.

Hades, thanks for your email! Congrats to you and Persephone!! Will email Olympus HR policy for workplace dating soon. Points for now:
  • she’s an intern, you’re CFO. We need to meet re: potential conflicts of interest
  • Your brother is also your boss, so loop him in asap
hope things are going great in the basement!
Mark Hermes

ps. her mom has left me voicemail?
pps. more than one voicemail??

At magazine publisher Olympus Inc, intern Persephone Erinyes is trying to be her own woman. Head of Finance Hades Kronion is trying to make changes. Love wasn't part of the plan.

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