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On The Tip Of My Tongue - Tom Read Wilson (Hardcover)

On The Tip Of My Tongue - Tom Read Wilson (Hardcover)

Aurum Press

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At first glance, companion seems to be no companion of our root. However, etymologically, we have a "person one breaks bread with". Companion, as we use it today, may seem adrift from its root but it is not the only word that metamorphosed, over time, from mere dining partner to chum: Mate comes from the Old English mete, which once meant all food - not just animal flesh.

So your mate was the person with whom you shared your meat. Isn't that lovely? I have become the Bayeux Tapestry: There are, naturally, occasions - though they are of course rare - where one is just too tired to attend a party. Tired, fatigued, flat, all sound so beige and drear-full that I always find myself leaning toward euphemism instead.

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