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Orphan Master's Son - Adam Johnson

Orphan Master's Son - Adam Johnson

Black Swan

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A dark and witty story of the rise of a young orphan in the surreal and tyrannical regime of North Korea . Young Pak Jun Do is convinced he is special.

He knows he must be the unique son of the master of the orphanage, and definitely not some kid dumped by his parents. Surely it was obvious from the way his father singled him out for regular beating?He finds his calling when he is picked as a spy and kidnapper for his nation, the glorious Democratic Republic of North Korea. He knows he must find his true love, Sun Moon, the greatest opera star who ever lived, before it's too late.

He knows he's not like the other prisoners in the camp. He's going to get out soon. Isn't he?This hilarious, dark literary epic of a young boy's rise in North Korea from orphan to high-ranking officer won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and was shortlisted for the National Book Award.

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