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Out On A Limb - Hannah Bonam-Young

Out On A Limb - Hannah Bonam-Young

Bedford Square Publishers

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Independent, confident, and not held back by her disability, Winnifred McNulty has been determined to prove to herself and others that she can do anything without needing anyone. That all changes when Win meets Bo at a Halloween party, a charming boy in a pirate costume who has more in common with her than she realises.

Bonding over the fact that they both have a visible disability, Win and Bo develop an electrifying connection with each other that they just can't ignore. After a one-night stand leaves Win with the biggest decision of her life, Bo is more than happy to join her in sharing this new experience - on the condition that they remain strictly friends. Win and Bo embark on a journey together, discovering more about themselves than they thought they knew.

But the chemistry between them is unavoidable, and the plan they put in place soon gets thrown into question as feelings begin to surface.

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