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Playing for Keeps 3: Unravel Me - Becka Mack

Playing for Keeps 3: Unravel Me - Becka Mack

Simon & Schuster Australia

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When it comes to dating, Adam Lockwood wouldn’t know luck if it hit him in the face. After an epic failure of a relationship and a string of dates gone wrong, the thought of being vulnerable with someone is terrifying – most people only see him as a professional athlete. But when his dog runs down Rosie, a beautiful woman with a blush as pink as her hair, she doesn’t seem to have a clue who he is, and Adam seizes the opportunity for what it is: a chance to be himself.

Rosie Wells has her hands full as a single mother and fourth-year veterinarian student, and she certainly wouldn’t know a hockey player if she ran into one. She doesn’t have time to date, and she’s fiercely protective of her little family. But when a chance encounter leads her to Adam, she knows he’s worth risking her heart.

The only problem? Adam is used to wearing a mask – he’s a goalie, after all. And as he holds onto a secret that threatens to unravel him and destroy his new family, he’s at risk of losing more than ever before.

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