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Radiant - Iris van Ooyen (Signed Hardcover)

Radiant - Iris van Ooyen (Signed Hardcover)

Eastwood Press

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Are you struggling with your energy level? Living from weekend to weekend? Unsure why you feel the moods, energies and actions of others so deeply? You may be a sensitive soul.

Being busy and tired is a disease of our time. Some people wear their exhaustion like a badge of honor. Today's pressure for high-energy performance, all the time, has trained us to ignore our body's signals. But it is not normal to be tired most of the time. Physical and emotional depletion is a sign of disbalance, one that can be righted.

TRUTH: We must learn how to take good care of ourselves, because we have never been taught.

Radiant will help you uncover what's making you so tired and teach you to manage your energy and take back control. Leave behind overwhelm and exhaustion-become grounded, centered and clear.

Iris van Ooyen's techniques have been applied by thousands of her clients to live fuller, healthier lives. You don't have to be a sensitive soul to benefit from her personal stories, tips and insights-and move from being drained to having plenty of energy. Each section ends with an invitation to help you put the insights into practice.

  • Learn to manage your energy and take back control.
  • Get back in touch with your body and what it's been trying to tell you.
  • Set (and uphold) healthy boundaries.
  • Increase your productivity and creativity.
  • Enhance your overall well-being.

Find a happy, healthy balance and start loving your life!

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