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Rescue of Ravenwood - Natasha Farrant

Rescue of Ravenwood - Natasha Farrant

Faber & Faber

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The TimesFrom the Costa Award winning author of Voyage of the Sparrowhawk comes an epic adventure with a call to arms: we must fight to save the most treasured things on our planet. On the top of the hill, overlooking the sea, that's where you'll find a magical place . . . 

To Bea and Raffy, Ravenwood is home. In its own way, the house rescued them, even if it did have a fallen-down tree taking up most of the kitchen.

So the idea that it could be sold. Demolished even. Well, that's unthinkable.

Then again, it's not like the children get a choice. But the truth is, we can all make our own choices, especially if we care enough . . . 

A beautiful, soulful, exciting story about holding onto what's precious, and guarding the extraordinary nature that surrounds us.

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