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Retrograde is a real-time roll-and-write inspired by classic 80s arcade games. Evil Astrodroids are invading earth. Grab the joystick and blast as many as you can. Can you get the high score? Each round, everyone rolls their dice as fast as they can.

Race to match combos shown on the target cards, claim a card, and spend your dice to cross off ‘Droids on your sheet. Be fast, or an opponent might get the card you want. The card you claim will give coins or power-ups. Blast columns of ‘Droids to destroy bosses for bonus points. Blast rows to unlock the power-ups you collect!

Features: Frenetic real-time roll-and-write Inspired by retro arcade games 100 Unique game sheets 26 Custom dice

Taal: Engels 
Spelers: 1-4 spelers
Tijd: 30 minuten

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