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Rush - Saskia Roy

Rush - Saskia Roy


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His desire will consume her. And all she can do is surrender.

Lena Aden came to Los Angeles to make it big as a writer. Five years later, she’s still chasing the dream and wondering if it’s time to start over. Nico Laurent is the Formula 1 World Champion – and the most desirable bachelor in the world.

He’s used to getting any woman he wants, and he’s decided he wants Lena. After their first night together, Lena can’t get Nico out of her head. She engineers a second meeting and suddenly Lena is pulled into a heady world of fast cars, parties, and money.

Lena has never been so reckless – and she likes it. It’s clear that Lena and Nico’s passion can’t be denied. But with a heat like this, someone is going to get burned …

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