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Salacious Players' Club 2: Eyes on Me - Sara Cate

Salacious Players' Club 2: Eyes on Me - Sara Cate

Latte's and Literature

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He's a voyeur-it means he likes to watch. In Garrett Porter's line of work, that's a gift. Asone of the owners of the Salacious Players' Club, he's comfortable on the sidelines and has always felt that he works best alone.

Until he stumbles on a cam girl app and finds himself watching the one person he should stay far away from: his step-sister, Mia Harris. There are three big problems with this. One, Mia and Garrett can't stand each other.

Two, she has no idea he's the man on the other end of the video. And three, he's hooked-on the app, and on her. Now Mia has awakened something in Garrett.

She has him wanting and doing things he said he'd never do again, like opening up and getting attached. He's falling for her, but she's falling for the man he's only pretending to be. If he's going to make this right, he has to do more than just watch.

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