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Sistersong - Lucy Holland

Sistersong - Lucy Holland

Pan Macmillan

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A tale of three siblings and three deadly sins. A delight for fans of Madeline Millers Circe King Cadors children inherit a land abandoned by the Romans, torn by warring tribes. Riva can cure others, but cant heal her own scars.

Keyne battles to be seen as the kings son, although born a daughter. And Sinne dreams of love, longing for adventure. All three fear a life of confinement within the walls of the hold, their peoples last bastion of strength against the invading Saxons.

However, change comes on the day ash falls from the sky bringing Myrdhin, meddler and magician. The siblings discover the power that lies within them and the land. But fate also brings Tristan, a warrior whose secrets will tear them apart.

Riva, Keyne and Sinne become entangled in a web of treachery and heartbreak, and must fight to forge their own paths. Its a story that will shape the destiny of Britain.

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