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Sons of Darkness - Gourav Mohanty (Hardcover)

Sons of Darkness - Gourav Mohanty (Hardcover)

Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra book

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Bled dry by violent confrontations with the Magadhan Empire, the Mathuran Republic simmers on the brink of oblivion.

Senator Krishna and his third wife Satyabhama have put their plans in motion, both within and beyond the Republic s blood-soaked borders, to protect it from total annihilation. But they are soon to discover that neither gold nor alliances last forever and that they are not the only players on the board. Mati, Pirate-Princess of Kalinga, has decided to mend her ways and become a good wife.

But old habits die hard, especially when one habitually uses murder to settle old scores. Brooding and beautiful Karna hopes to bury his brutal past, but finds that destiny is a miser when it comes to granting second chances. Hero-turned-torturer Shakuni limps through a path of daggers.

Meanwhile, his foes and woes multiply, leaving little time for vengeance. Their lives are about to become yet more difficult, as a cast of sinister queens, naive kings, pious assassins and ravenous priests are converging where the Son of Darkness is prophesied to rise... even as forgotten Gods prepare to play their hand.

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