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Space Between Us - Courtney Peppernell

Space Between Us - Courtney Peppernell

Andrews McMeel Publishing

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A universal narrative on the significance of distance with love; remember to hold on to what you believe in. Ideal for those "whose love knows no bounds," The Space Between Us is full of profound anecdotes and messages, illustrating the courage and heartache of enduring physical distance. The Space Between Us explores the trials of love and what it's like to live a life separated by distance from someone you care about.

Its content is thoughtfully divided into five chapters, or phases, of the long-distance experience:At First GlanceLiving for TomorrowLonely NightsGrow Together/Grow ApartWhen I See You. A combination of poems and prose are sporadically connected with small graphics and maps to visualize the journey of physical distance. These poems serve as an adhesive between the reader and the ones they miss, the longing, the anticipation, and the eventual relief.

Though both authors bring with them a unique perspective, the lens is singular; each is attuned to navigating this complex terrain.

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