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Spirits of the Tarot - Thea Engst (Hardcover)

Spirits of the Tarot - Thea Engst (Hardcover)

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Reading tarot is all about trusting your intuition and connecting with your spirit guides. When you pull cards, they are a direct message from your guides, giving you insight into your life and choices.

There's no better way to thank and commune with your guides after their counsel than having a drink together.

Drinks include: The Magician's Magic, The Hanged Man's Rope, Gift of Aces, The Moon's Shine, and more! Whether you want to pull one card and make a drink based on that card or do a full three, nine, or twelve card reading and decide which card speaks to you most, this tarot cocktail companion will help you connect with your spirit guides and embody the cards.

Celebrate your intuition and let your spirit guides be your bartender!

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