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St.Mercy vol1 - John Zuur platten

St.Mercy vol1 - John Zuur platten

Image Comics

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 Mercedes Oro, a young missionary in the outskirts of Arroyo Pass, a small frontier town, takes in and cares for an outlaw with a bullet through his belly, only for the outlaw's gang to attack her mission, kill her family, steal the golden artifacts she swore to protect, thrust a dagger through her heart and leave her for dead. Not long after the gang makes it back to the brothel in the center of town, the curse dagger resurrects Mercedes; she is reborn as St.Mercy, an avenging angel of death, and sets out to recover her gold and deal violent retribution to those who wronged her, all the while confronting the spirit of Toctollissica, a brave and determined Incan girl that defied an Incan god, and the curse keeping her amongst the living.

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