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Such Charming Liars - Karen M. McManus - August 1st, 2024

Such Charming Liars - Karen M. McManus - August 1st, 2024


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RELEASE DATE ----- August 1st, 2024 ----- Pre-order now and we'll save you a copy!

For all of Kat's life, it's just been her and her mother, Jamie-except for forty-eight hours twelve years ago when Jamie was married and Kat had a stepbrother, Liam.

That all ended in a swift divorce, and Kat and Liam haven't spoken since.

Now Jamie is a jewel thief trying to go straight, but she has one last job - at billionaire Ross Sutherland's 80th birthday party. Kat has figured out a way to tag along to the dazzling Sutherland compound, but neither she nor her mother know about the other surprise guests that weekend: Liam and his father, a serial scammer who has his own sights set on Ross Sutherland's youngest daughter.

Kat and Liam are on a collision course to disaster, and when a Sutherland dies, they realize they might be in the killer's crosshairs themselves. They can't trust anyone-except each other.

Or can they? Because if there's one thing both Kat and Liam know, it's how to lie.

They learned from the best.

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