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The Blood Betrayal: Five Broken Blades - Mai Corland (Hardcover)

The Blood Betrayal: Five Broken Blades - Mai Corland (Hardcover)


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The king of Yusan must die. The five most dangerous liars in the land have been mysteriously summoned to work together for a single objective: to kill the God King Joon.

He has it coming. Under his merciless immortal hand, the nobles flourish, while the poor and innocent are imprisoned, ruined or sold. And now each of the five blades will come for him.

Each has tasted bitterness-from the hired hitman seeking atonement, a lovely assassin who seeks freedom, or even the prince banished for his cruel crimes. None can resist the sweet, icy lure of vengeance. They can agree on murder.

They can agree on treachery. But for these five killers - each versed in deception, lies, and betrayal - it's not enough to forge an alliance. To survive, they'll have to find a way to trust each other...

...but only one can take the crown.

Let the best liar win.

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