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These Are the Words - Nikita Gill

These Are the Words - Nikita Gill

Macmillan Children's Books

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Reclaim your agency.

Discover your power.

Find the words.

Taking you on a journey through the seasons of the soul, in this collection Nikita gives you the words to help heal from your first breakup, to celebrate finding your family, to understand first love, to express your anger and your joy, to fight for what you believe in and to help you break some rules to be your truest self.

Gorgeously illustrated throughout by Nikita herself and featuring seasonal astrological poetry, this collection is an achingly beautiful, stunningly warm and fearless expression of truth from one of the most influential and well-known voices in modern poetry.


You do not owe anyone your forgiveness. The trees do not apologize to the wind that uproots them. The rocks do not apologize to the erosion by the sea.

The stars do not apologize to the universe

when they are writhing and dying out. And you are not obligated to forgive anyone

but yourself.

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