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Tides and Drift - Adrienne Young

Tides and Drift - Adrienne Young

Titan Books

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A moving return to the world of Fable, these two stories dive into the bittersweet first meeting of fan favourite characters Paj and Auster, and the intrepid voyages of Willa and Koy as they forge their own path across the Narrows.


When Auster, a young member of the Roth crime family, meets a deckhand named Paj that he's been sent to rob on behalf of his infamous uncle, his world is turned upside down. Tides is a tale of first love, heartache and breaking free, following Paj and Auster's beginnings before the events of Fable and Namesake.


After leaving the only family she's ever had on the Marigold, Willa has made a new start on a remote island carving out her own stake in the future of the Narrows. She's found an unexpected business partner in Koy and whether she likes it or not, they are suited in more ways than one. Together they plan to turn Jeval into the farthest-reaching port before the waters of the Unnamed Sea.

But when the Saltblood ships docking in their newly minted harbor start bringing unsettling news, the more Willa is forced to rely on Koy, and she discovers that he's more than an opportunity to create her own destiny. He also just might be the safest harbor she's ever known.

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