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Trust & Inspire - Stephen Covey (Trade Paperback)

Trust & Inspire - Stephen Covey (Trade Paperback)

Simon & Schuster

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In his new breakthrough leadership book Trust and Inspire, Covey shows that though our world has evolved, our style of leadership still has not-but it's time to change that. Traditionally, businesses have relied on a "command and control" management style, focusing on rigid hierarchies and compliance from employees.

Covey argues we must shift from a "command and control" to a "trust and inspire" leadership model. Trusting and inspiring your team is defined by commitment from both sides, with a focus on effectiveness and fostering a growth mindset. It is based on the belief that employees are creative, collaborative, and full of potential; through trust, you can inspire them to do their best work.

Trust and Inspire is a simple yet radical shift in how business must be done in the 21st century and an expansive, visionary, and inviting guide to the future of leadership.

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