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United Reign - Kylie Kent

United Reign - Kylie Kent

McCartney Industries Pty Ltd

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Everything we've built is crashing down around me.
I'm consumed by the darkness, my blood boiling with the need for revenge.
My wife is the only light in my life; she's the very reason I keep on fighting.
They're coming after me. And worse yet, they're coming after her.
But let them come...
I'm waiting. We're waiting.
To send them all back to the hell they crawled out of.
I just hope the city's prepared.
Because New York's never seen a war like this one.


My life changed the minute I crossed paths with him.
For better or worse. Those were the vows I took.
And right now, it's for worse...
Whoever his enemies are, they're looking for me.
But I'm not the same wallflower I was when I stepped off that plane at JFK.
I won't go down easily. No, I'll stay and fight alongside my husband.
We will reign over his kingdom. United.
As one.


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