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Unmasked - Jenifer Kanin

Unmasked - Jenifer Kanin


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How did it come to this? Everything had changed in an instant. Moments ago, I was full of nothing but
power and rage. Now, exhausted, my body wracked with pain, my eyes fixated on the grey mask in my
hands as the water ran into the bathroom sink. A part of the mask was now red, soaked in Jenny’s
innocent blood. A drop of the blood had fallen from the mask and now a bright red stain screamed out
to me in contrast to the cold, stark-white sink.

With that opening we a thrown into this exciting mystery, learning all of the events leading up to that
moment and what happens next!

We follow Gary, an average raccoon whose main concern is filling his belly and staying out of danger. His best friend Jenny, a rabbit, has much bigger plans for Gary, and the two of them figure out how to cross over into the human's world, and reap the rewards.

Their new found skills are soon put to the test, when animals in and around Elenore Place start dying, and the humans and animals are all suspects. With no one knowing who might be the next target, two unlikely hero's emerge to figure out what is happening.
Lives are hanging in the balance, including Jenny's, depending on what Gary does next. Can he overcome his past and his own insecurities to become the hero that Eleanor Place needs?

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