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Upgrade - Blake Crouch

Upgrade - Blake Crouch

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Logan Ramsay is beginning to see the world around him, even those he loves the most, in whole new ways. His concentration is better, he can multitask quick, read faster, memorize more and sleep deeper.

It is not natural. His genes have been hacked. He has been targeted for an upgrade.

And he knows it. Logan has been trying to escape his family legacy for decades - and it has left him vulnerable to attack. With a terrifying plan in place to replicate his upgrade throughout the world's population, Logan may be the only person capable of protecting the bodies of earth from hijackers.

But to win this war, Logan will have to become something other than himself . . .

Intricately plotted and epic in scope, Upgrade asks us to ponder the limits of our humanity - and our boundless potential. Are you ready for the impossible?

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