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Vengeance - Rosari Clan (Expansion)

Mighty Boards

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The Rosari Gang Pack expansion adds a new gang, a new hero and the necessary components to take the maximum number of players to 5.

What's Included: Reverend Gray Miniature, 2 Diablo (Rosari Boss) Miniatures, 7 Rosari Gang Minion Miniatures, 9 Vengeance Cards, 6 Boss Cards, 1 Gang Card, 10 Base Clips, 1 Hero Board, 3 Mind Dice, 6 Montage Cards, 2 Player Markers, 6 Recon Tokens, 6 Dens (All New Artwork).

Let Op! Je hebt het basisspel (Vengeance) nodig om dit spel te kunnen spelen!

  • Spelers: 1 tot 5 
  • Tijd: 30 minuten per speler
  • Taal: Engels

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