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What Happens in the Ballroom - Sabina Jeffries

What Happens in the Ballroom - Sabina Jeffries

Headline Eternal

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The Designing Debutantes have arrived, and they're taking the ton by storm . . .

Youthful military widow Eliza Pierce is enjoying her freedom and financial success as part of Elegant Occasions. But when her late husband's best friend, Nathaniel Stanton, the Earl of Foxstead, hires her to help another young widow become part of high society, she can't help but wonder why. The woman could be a relative, or maybe even his mistress; but if so, then why does he take Eliza in his arms every chance he gets? Foxstead's family situation makes it difficult for him to marry, so his visceral attraction to Eliza is an unwelcome complication.

Burdened by family secrets and those of his commanding officer, Foxstead is determined not to be distracted, but the fetching Eliza keeps tempting him to break his own rules.

If Foxstead dares to expose the truth, will Eliza ever forgive him? Or will she banish him from her life forever . .

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