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Wrapped with a Beau - Lillie Vale

Wrapped with a Beau - Lillie Vale

Bonnier Zaffre

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In its heyday, Piney Peaks and its beloved Christmas house were made famous by Sleighbells Under Starlight, a romantic holiday movie. Fifty years later, the small town is ready for a new love story. Elisha Rowe has her heart set on one thing and one thing only: putting her hometown back on the map.

So, when she gets the chance to secure the long-hoped-for sequel to Sleighbells Under Starlight, she's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, that includes claiming to have already gotten permission to film at the town's historic Christmas House-permission she was very much denied by the mysterious new owner. City boy Ves Hollins is only back in Piney Peaks long enough to sell the house he inherited from his great-aunt.

The holidays have always been tough for Ves, and it's not any easier when he's distracted by memories of a Christmas long, long ago, and the irresistible charm of his new neighbour, Elisha. He has no plans to put down roots or fall in love...even if Elisha is unravelling his hesitations like a bad Christmas sweater. There's no question the two are opposites in every way.

Ves is undeniably frosty. Elisha is brimming with warmth. He doesn't do commitment.

She never runs from a challenge. But as the two grow closer, they quickly realize that the growing spark between them may be just what the season calls for...

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