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ZombieTown 2 - Road Rage

ZombieTown 2 - Road Rage

Twilight Creations

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Well... The neighbourhood has certainly gone down hill since you've arrived. Property values have bottomed out. Food is short in supply. Your neighbours are trying to kill you. Ammunition is running low. And let's face it, the recent zombie invasion has made it really hard to get around town. If only you could remember where you left your car keys...

ZombieTown 2 adds a whole new level of excitement to the neighbourhood. With this expansion players can take a leisurely drive around the block or secretly plot against their neighbours. This expansion adds 12 key tokens, 12 car tokens, damage counters, 10 hidden agenda cards and new rules for this set.

Je hebt het basisspel ZombieTown nodig om deze uitbreiding te kunnen spelen.

  • Spelers: 3 tot 6 spelers
  • Tijd: 60 minuten 
  • Taal: Engelstalig

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